I maintain three core beliefs.

I believe that every person counts.

I believe that each individual needs their life to matter.

And I believe that every person possesses a profound yearning to succeed. In fact, the desire for success is universal. Bur even more fundamental is our craving for significance.

Unfortunately, success and significance are confused it today’s society. My belief is that people who discover their true nature of success attain significance. And only then can they achieve greatness.

But to live the life we’ve always dreaded, we become all we are meant to be. Only then can we achieve the extraordinary.

And isn’t that what we want; to life a life that is extraordinary.

The power of breakthrough only happens when we discover the issues that hold us back and put them to rest, one way or another. God was the only reason my issues surfaced. I had to sit in his waiting room until I was ready to find where my pain originated. Only then could healing begin.

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