Angelina Jordan is the Best Singer I’ve Ever Heard.
Angelina at ATC.

Angelina Jordan is the Best Singer I’ve Ever Heard.

There are rare moments in life when you experience something that is so good, you can’t compare it to anything. For me, it was hearing Angelina Jordan sing, Bohemian Rhapsody, on America’s Got Talent. It’s been on YouTube for over a year, and I’ve probably watched/listened to it more than a hundred times. It’s one of those performances that you stop everything you’re doing and listen to. You may think I’m overreacting, but there is a big thing on YouTube called reaction videos. It’s people watching other videos and you see them reacting to it in real-time. I’ve watched close to 60 reaction videos of her singing this song and the breakdown of people viewed are as follows: 10-20% watch and think it’s good. 40-50% are mesmerized. The other 50-30% continually stop the video and sit with their mouth open, wondering. She is that good. Listen if you don’t believe me.

Oh, I didn’t tell you, she’s 13 in this video. She won Norway’s Got Talent at the age of 7. SEVEN. She won a national talent show in the 2nd grade. I’ve seen a few videos about her on the internet and she is a regular girl. No pretense, shy, unassuming.

Let me continue, here is a video of Angelina at the age of 9.

Shut up. You’re welcome.

So she can sing contemporary, she obviously can sing the blues. What about R&B?

One of the most iconic songs of all time? Pow – OUT OF THE PARK. There isn’t anything this young lady can’t do. Now she is fifteen and she has put out her first single she also wrote, Million Miles, a remembrance song about her grandpa. Go ahead. I double-dog dare you to not be impressed.

I don’t know what she can’t do. What will she do next?